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A fairy-tale dessert or a dessert fairy-tale?

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A fairy-tale dessert or a dessert fairy-tale?


The band is playing your favorite song, champagne is bubbling, smiles of all your loved ones are sparkling, and the two of you are feeling the magic while looking at each other and cutting the wedding cake, imagining that first bite – that has to be perfect, to crown your perfect day.  

The specialized Square Nine pastry team will make your every wish, both in terms of taste and design – a reality.

Maybe there is a taste that reminds you of the day you first met, or you are simply the biggest chocolate lover that ever lived. Maybe you like to please everyone by having a combination – everything is possible. Maybe you want a classical white cake, or maybe something completely extravagant?

Square Nine can also take care of small sweet bytes, macaroons, truffles and other sweet delicacies, creating an unforgettable dessert symphony.


You’re one phone call away from a sweet fairy tale!

To order, please contact: sales@squarenine.rs / 011 3333 533



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