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As children grow rapidly and are very active it is of utter importance to them to obtain adequate nutrients, with proper energetic values. Every child’s diet should be based on the finest and freshest ingredients that can be found in the market in order to provide healthy and balanced meals using minimal salt, flour, additives or sugar. Such a diet sharpens the mind, balances out moods and nurtures the child with the needed amount of energy. A balanced diet should include meat, fish, carbohydrates and a lot of fresh vegetables, fresh salads, fruits and occasionally a dessert as a treat, and to make up for the high energy spending that most children have.

Such a diet matters the most at a young age, as it  forms eating habits from the start, and can cause or prevent health issues. Encouraging your children to understand what a healthy relationship with food looks like is a great gift for their future. Children are curious by nature and fast learners. Teaching them to love and appreciate good food will forever stay in their mind and have a positive impact on their life.

As we live in a highly internationalized world, where understanding foreign cultures and languages is paramount for success, and international communication has become a daily task it is essential to give children the opportunity to experience different cultures in as many ways as possible, and the cuisine of different countries is a great way to do so. National cuisine of each nation tells a story of their history, traditions and habits. It gives children the opportunity to learn, as well as develop a wider taste pallet, a greater appreciation for different lifestyles and a better understanding of the diversity of the world.

The growth  process can be very demanding on the young body as it is not always easy to understand  which nutrient it is lacking. The fast paced life of today’s parents does not always leave enough time for healthy cooking and offering children an array of different options.

To make it easier and yummier the Square Nine hotel is happy to announce that numerous developments and improvements have been made to the school catering operation, and that in addition to the always healthy and balanced school meals, it now operates under ISO 22000 standards, in a completely new kitchen built to the highest standards in use today.

For more information and the list of schools that Square Nine caters for,

please contact 011 3333 517.



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    AUTHOR maja

    Posted on 21:58 12/07/2015.

    Dobar dan, da li mogu da znam koje skole su u pitanju? Hvala mnogo,

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      AUTHOR jelena

      Posted on 09:04 13/07/2015.

      Postovana Majo,

      U pitanju su skola Chartwell – pre-school, Chartwell – primary, Chartwell – secondary i Francuska skola u Beogradu.
      Za dodatne informacije mozete kontaktirati direktno Direktora prodaje i marketinga hotela Square Nine, Jelenu Djakovic,
      na mail jelena.djakovic@squarenine.rs.

      Srdacan poozdrav,
      Square Nine tim

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