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the perfect lazy Sunday in Belgrade

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the perfect lazy Sunday in Belgrade


How do you imagine the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon?

Do you imagine it in nature, with a picnic basket, isolated from the fast pace of the city, or cuddled up with a cup of tea and a captivating book, or maybe fresh popcorn and a glass of wine while watching a movie.

We like the way you think, but we have gone a bit further.

On the terrace of the Square Nine Presidential Suite, we await you with an Ofuro tub and room service ready to prepare any specialty or comfort food you can imagine. It is the perfect indulgence for both hot and cold days, and the view is nothing short of spectacular.

Do you know what makes the Ofuro tub so much better than a typical Jacuzzi?

Created in Japan the Ofuro tub is a hot soaking bathtub, that differs from conventional tubs by its depth, material and effects on your body. Sitting in this tub you can relax to the maximum as the water reaches up to your neck, keeping your whole body warm. The Hinoki wood, it is traditionally made from, is not only beautiful but also has an aroma therapeutic effect. When the water is steaming hot the wood’s lemon/ginger scent starts to work its magic. The Japanese believe the wood to have a positive impact on asthma treatments, as well as overall wellbeing.

Another great option to experience the Ofuro tub is to visit the intimate Square Nine spa center. The Spa and Wellness center encompasses an 18 meter long chlorine free pool, sauna and steam room, fitness center and two massage and treatment rooms. Why not come to restore your balance and harmony, spa day or Presidential pampering – the choice is yours.

To make your reservation, contact Square Nine Hotel Belgrade today: 011 3333 500 / reservations@squarenine.rs



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